Elyia Rhodesian Ridgebacks

    Temperament first, form for function next.


    Elyia Ridgebacks is situated in the beautiful Fraser Valley in Mission, BC. I am a small scale breeder who enjoys many activities with my dogs, but they are my pets first and foremost. I only recently got into Ridgebacks, but have had other breeds on the end of my leash since I was 10 yrs old. My first dog was a Smooth Fox Terrier who I showed in Obedience as a Junior Handler. She was a tough dog to train, but she taught me so much. From the obedience ring I moved into the conformation ring with my friend’s American Cocker Spaniels. I spent a few years showing dogs when I could, but never having my own. In that time I also concentrated my effort with all breed rescue and had many different dogs pass through my doors, but they never leave your heart and I wanted a dog for myself. After many years of research I decided on the Ridgeback as “my” breed. I found a breeder I liked and waited for her puppy to grow up so I could see what she produced. I loved her first litter and when I found out there was to be a repeat litter I begged for a puppy. Thus Rifka entered my life and fulfilled all my expectations about the breed.